Monday, April 1, 2013

March Wrap Up

March usually means spring is coming but there was only really a hint of it the other day...

This month I did some more online shopping and found the Rejuvenation site with the star backplates and got that "installed." I found some appropriate curtain rods for the living room and they actually should be arriving any second... which is way earlier than anticipated. I also got some painting done. The black wall is all touched up and the new prints are hung up. I also got our tiny hallway area painted and I'm gearing up to get the other end of the living room finished off in the next couple of days here. I also finally did a before and after for the bathroom and I did a lot of random babbling... And late last week, I started trying to clean up my office closet (update on that tomorrow).

This month also included a couple new puppies (not for me...) and some reading.

Last month's to do list didn't go to well... :/
  • Finish painting the living room
  • Get the furniture on the main floor back to where it should be 
  • Nail down a plan for the basement -- family room
  • Get some small projects crossed off the To Do list
  • Explore this whole curtain/drapery rod deal
 Sad. Only one official thing crossed off. Yikes.

I should be finished painting the living room by the end of this week. Hopefully by Thursday... because on Thursday we are having a contractor visit for a quote on a BUNCH of work that includes the basement. We thought that this really might be the best thing to do at this point... so that is partially why I haven't crossed off the furniture fixing and the basement plan... I'm sort of waiting to see how that goes and I don't want to make it any more of a mess than it is right now. I also didn't really do much in the department of small projects because most involve activities that should be done outside, like spray painting. Hopefully the weather will improve rapidly and I can get more done outside.

On to this month's to do list...
  • Really finish painting the living room
  • Estimates/Quotes on work for the house 
  • Bagster -- get rid of all of the 'garbage' (everything from our bathroom remodel that was too big to fit into the garbage can, etc).
  • Hang up new curtain rods, clean curtains, hem -- living room.
    This requires the second curtain rod's arrival, so hopefully that happens.
  • Finish up my office closet -- storage containers, shredding, sorting, etc.
  • Get some small projects crossed off the To Do list -- I should really start a list for this.
Now, off to get some of that in the works...

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