Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Star Backplate Love.

Yesterday while perusing the internet for mid century style drapery hardware (yes, that subject again), I stumbled upon Rejuvenation: Classic American Lighting and House Parts. I didn't necessarily find what I was looking for, I found a bunch of other awesome hardware. This site could get me in some serious trouble...

I am seriously loving their hardware in the Mid-Century Modern section... They have some great house numbers, exterior door knobs and lots of knobs and pull for inside your home. I am most excited about those exterior door knobs with the star backplate. When I get to a point where I am working on the exterior of the house more, I may just have to order one.

They also have some great drawer pulls that I'm really hoping are the right size for my desk that may or may not be sitting in my garage as it has for the past year and half or so.... oops. Sadly, I threw away those handles because they were in such horrible condition... I probably should have tried to make them pretty again.

In the mean time, to satisfy my hardware itch, I ordered one of these guys...
Rejuvenation  |  Dish Cabinet Knob with Star Backplate
How awesome is that? Plus it is 10% off at the moment! I thought it could replace the knob on the vanity / cabinet in the bathroom, as it is hideous... I'm super hoping extra hoping that it fits. I'm too afraid to measure to make sure. If it doesn't fit, I'm sure I can find some other home for it. That may require ordering some more...

And now I sit and wait for it's arrival... *sigh*

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