Monday, March 11, 2013

One wall down, three to go.

I posted last week that I was hoping to get those prints from Etsy finally hung up Thursday night. Well, they finally got hung up, but that didn't happen until Saturday. The husband and I may or may not have turned into complete nerds and read the whole evening with a bottle of wine, which was actually a nice break from the usual routine of things.

I made Bill the husband help... mostly because he's better at mental math and is a good double check for me when it comes to having to measure. We wanted the prints centered with the couch and since the couch is centered on the wall, that made it easy. We found the center and then measured out for two nails for the first print. Bill is usually all about anchors and screws just to be safe, but these are all smallish and on two nails. Plus... under our drywall is a layer of plywood, which is very interesting...

When we first moved in, the only things I tried to nail into the wall were in our second bedroom / office and I thought it was crazy that I was constantly hitting studs. Well, when we ripped out the bathroom walls we could see plywood through. I figured it was just that room and maybe had something to do with the bathroom...? Then we running wiring for the wall mounted television in the bedroom, we were a little confused as to why we were having such difficulty making holes in the wall. The bedroom was originally plywood with wallpaper. I'm guessing this was a cheaper alternative in the early 50's. I was hoping for more sweet wallpaper in the living room, but that only resulted in what I'm guessing was just a thin layer of plaster that had been painted a few times.

Back to the point, so nails through drywall and well into a sheet of plywood worked just fine in this instance. Most exciting photo ever right there... Don't mind the orangey, it's from our arc lamp...

We tried to be very meticulous about making sure all of the nails were straight. So, Bill stood to the side and examined my nail holding abilities the whole time to make sure I wasn't off.

We got all of the nails in and for a minute, I thought we had messed up... The print on the far left was off by almost a quarter of an inch. We pulled everything down, but the nails were all level. And then I finally realized, it's those darn teeth on the hangers that were throwing it off.

We put them all back up on the wall and got them all situated. I've been moving them around now, because those teeth are now causing the spacing to be a little off or rather, not even. I think I have them pretty good at this point.

 This part of the living room is looking real good. Very exciting!

The black wall is done. For now at least. That just leaves the other three, which are proving to be slightly more of a challenge due to moving of things and what not. It's really just a matter of doing it and having the time.

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