Thursday, July 29, 2010


Wow, completely slacking... I figured that after the 4th of July things would calm down. I'm finally realizing that that won't happen any time soon.

On to wedding things.

We decided to go all out with the venue and make the decorations fit the place. I have always really liked the look of these garden lights. These ones are fromTarget.They've had them every year for the past 3 or 4 years. I'm hoping they carry them again next year, because I think Target is done with their summer items and I don't think we bought enough...

We purchased two strands for our 4th of July party and put them outside to help with our lack of outdoor lighting. Then then week after, Target put them on sale, so we picked up three more strands. I believe they are 25 feet each, but when you think about the slack that's needed, it's probably more like 20. Basically I need to dig through my mess of papers and find the info from Gale Woods. They were wonderful enough to include a 'map' of the interior with outlets and such.

Recently, I discovered the Container Store. It's wonderful... and a bad place for me to know about. I basically want everything there. But, my little sister is starting college in the fall and they recently had a college night. I went with and found these great magnets that have hooks that I think would be perfect for hanging these lights up with. The building is essentially a pole barn with metal walls and they recommend using magnets to use for decorating. I think I'll be looking around for a possiblycheaper version of them, otherwise I happen to have a 20% off coupon that would work great.

Container Store: Magnetic Hooks
Target: Lights (not the exact ones, but similar)