Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garage Service Door Hardware.

I mentioned awhile ago when I was talking about new door handles and locks that we purchased similar ones to swap out the handle and deadbolt on the garage service door. It would have been that one spot of shiny brass that kept yelling at me to fix it until I did. So, we bought replacements when we bought the others and waited until it was warm enough to not lose any fingers from the cold while trying to install it.

On a recent Sunday, we hit 60°F! HEAT WAVE!

We definitely have some cleaning up to do... Yikes. That door needs a good scrub... And then there is the construction debris floating around along with leaves and pine needles. Then there is that blue pipe that needs to be painted... Let's just say there will be a lot of painting outside this summer.

While they were still in pretty good shape and not all that horrible looking, it was the last shiny brass knob and deadbolt around and it would have bugged me to leave it.

I think it looks much better. Now to just take care of the yard... yikes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Basement: New Windows & Paint on the walls.

At last, every single window in this house is new and air leak free! Horay!

They put in the new basement windows and started painting the same day. They got a first coat on almost everything, just not the stairway and part of the family room.

I just flew through quick when I was on my way out the door, so I only got a few shots worth showing...

I went over choosing colors in this recent post.

Up first is the Spearmint Stick in the laundry room. I like, but I'm not sure...

Here is the family room with one of the new windows. The wall straight ahead and to the left have the White Clay color on them. The walls on the left are white primer. I'm hoping that once there is trim up with a stark white that it will show better. I may not every be able to capture it well on camera though.

Here is that window close up. I'm not sure why the walls ended up looking orange... But we have three of these. Two in the family room (one at each end) and one in the laundry room. They are a few inches taller then the previous windows. And the one shown above, we will for sure need to add a window well once it warms up. Below you can see some dirt and snow just outside of it.

 Finally the bedroom/office. The window makes such a huge difference. The image without the egress window shows the room with just primer and the left shows the Silver Drop gray I went with with the egress window. Again, the color is hard to show at the moment, there is also no light fixture, so I had to work with the natural light that was there.

It's not the best view, but that extra light is great!

Up next will probably be trim and things like touch ups before the carpet arrives. Bill and I plan to tile the laundry room ourselves, so we need to squeeze that in somewhere too. We're also going to put in some cabinetry, so we have to get that purchased, assembled, and installed as well.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Junk Bonanza - Spring 2014

Over the weekend, my sister and I hit up the Spring Junk Bonanza! This is the third one we've been to. It was almost the 4th, but with my new nephew and my mom's wedding, we couldn't get to the one in the fall.

While my sister has no problem finding things that fit her style and going for it, I am usually more reserved. So, this was the first time that I ever purchased anything.

Bill and I saw this chemistry set box a couple months ago at one of our favorite vintage shops, but it was $75. I spotted this one, which was a little more beat up for only $23. I knew Bill would be excited to own it, partially because it's awesome and partially because we also found out that Bill's dad also had this as a kid.

For now, this it is sitting on top of the hutch in the living room. It may or may not move once our house is back to a state of normal. 

Sorry this one is a little blurry... but I also snagged this clock. My thoughts are for the kitchen above the stove where there is a plugin for such a clock already. I think everything is original. The lady I purchased it from did say she stripped the paint off the frame portion and it looks really good in person. I even got her to go down a bit on her price.

I should have some more updates on the basement later this week. It's been really stressful... and we've been really busy with everything going on. I think once this is all done, I will have a "I wish I would have known" or "what I would have done differently" post.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Basement: Choosing Lighting

Lighting is one of those things were there are sooo many options in such a huge price range that it can be very difficult to make a decision.

For the inside of our house we needed to choose three new light fixtures. The outside fixtures had been fairly easy because we knew what we wanted. It was more of finding what we knew we wanted and in a price range we were happy with. The fixtures for inside are a whole different story...

We opted to go with recessed lighting in the family room, so there really was no choice to make there. We needed a light fixture for the laundry room and the bedroom though. The ceiling is lower in the bedroom, so we wanted something that Bill wouldn't bang his head on. In the laundry room I was concerned with making sure it was bright enough. Being able to direct multiple lights in different directions would be a plus. For the third one, we needed a fixture for the top of the stairs, just inside the back door. We had that added so that we could have more light, especially at night, for coming and going out the door. For that space, we had to be sure that it would not be in the way of the door.

We looked everywhere for light fixtures... online and in every store locally that carries light fixtures. We didn't really narrow it down to possibilities, but we just did a lot of looking until we found what we thought would work the best.

The first one we found was the for the bedroom. It was "low profile," was a little fun, and definitely didn't look like a boob...

We spotted Lowe's Portfolio 17-in W Painted Champagne Ceiling Flush Mount light online first. Then we tried to track it down in store to see what it looked like. They had them in stock but didn't have any on display, so we just really hoped that the pictures were accurate and we would like it.  |  Portfolio 17-in W Painted Champagne Ceiling Flush Mount

At only 4 inches tall, we knew it wouldn't be at a head bumping height with the slightly lower ceiling. It also helped that it was fairly big, energy star rated, and held 3 bulbs, which would hopefully ensure a decently bright light.

In the same trip we picked up that light, we also found the light for the top of the stairs. We went with the allen + roth Valencia 12-in W Brushed Nickel Fabric Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light. I immediately liked it. The shade reminded me of the CB2 arc lamp that we have in the living room and of the light we put in the bedroom that is actually more of a pendant with a double shade, but has the same glass diffuser on the bottom.  |  allen + roth Valencia 12-in W Brushed Nickel Fabric Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light
I'm almost giddy about this one. I definitely have high hopes for this one and I kind of can't wait to see it installed. I think that having light in that area finally will also make a huge difference.

We ended up deciding that track lighting, as much as I'm not really a fan, would probably be the best way to go in the laundry room. That way we can make sure there is enough lighting and be able to redirect it as that room evolves... I'm thinking a sewing area might be in order...

We looked everywhere for something that we liked and never really found anything that seemed perfect or that we instantly liked. Home Depot's Hampton Bay Vortex 5-Light Satin Nickel Track Lighting Kit was what we found that looked the best.  |  Hampton Bay Vortex 5-Light Satin Nickel Track Lighting Kit

Now we just have to get them installed. Hopefully they look fantastic...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Basement: Picking Paint Colors

Paint! Paint! Paint!

I have a love / hate relationship with paint. It depends on the day. Sometimes I know exactly what I want and it turns out exactly how I had hoped. Sometimes I know exactly what I want and it goes horribly wrong. And then of course, there are those times that I have no idea what I want... That's why it took a few different paint jobs in our bedroom to finally get it figured out. I usually like to have a room somewhat figured out before I pick the paint color. It's just how I work, but I don't get to work that way this time.

Having to pick out paint for rooms that I don't really know where they're going yet is hard. So, we decided to just stick with light colors for now. It's a basement with not a ton of natural light, I don't want to make it darker.

We still have all of our old living room items (you can see that here) to put in the family room. So that color palette is what we have to work with, at least for now. In an ideal world, we could afford to get all new stuff for an all new space, but this renovation isn't cheap... We were aiming for off whites or really light tan / beige colors. For the office, I figured gray would be a nice neutral color to build off of. Most of the furniture I have for that room is the black Ikea stuff. For the laundry we had a little more room to do something fun. I thought maybe a mint color would be good.

So, of course we headed over to the Home Depot to grab a ton of paint samples to go through... It was pretty easy to narrow it down to a few swatches for each room right away. Some things were too something... yellow, red, blue, etc.

Family Room

At first we narrowed it down to the these swatches. We still weren't quite sure how light we wanted to go, but the more I thought about it, the more sure I was that I wanted to be light.

Eventually, Behr White Clay won out (top one in the swatch below). My hope is that it is still really light, but will still have just enough color to make the white trim pop. That swatch and my lighting isn't really doing it justice, so hopefully it will show better when it is up on the walls.


Really only one stood out to me, but then it was a matter of the two lighter colors.

I went back and forth between the Irish Mist and the Silver Drop. Behr Silver Drop (middle) won out at the very last second.

Laundry Room

The laundry room mint was narrowed down to these swatches.

It took awhile, but we decided on Behr Spearmint Stick (middle below).

I can't wait to see how it all looks. I'm really hoping we 'chose wisely'...

And yes, it is weird that our dog came with the same name as the paint we use the most...