Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We got our official approved list of Caterers for Gale Woods last week. Life has been a little crazy the past week, so I haven't fully looked into all of them yet. There are some very interesting ones that are high on our list already.

We are leaning more towards a pig roast/BBQ. It seems to fit the whole farm setting better than a lot of the other things. Right now, top on of the list is Divine Swine. We'll keep looking and probably set up a some times to go try some food.

I was sort of surprised to get the list already. We were told it would probably be around August. I was fine with that... It was really the next *big* thing on the list of to do's that I was more than happy to be able to put off... Now, I don't really have an excuse and should probably get on top of things. We'll get to it after the 4th of July. Our yearly party is forcing us to get a ton of house related things done in a very small amount of time. While things tend to get a bit crazy, it's nice to have that push to get some of this stuff done....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gale Woods.

About a couple months ago now we finally set a date for the wedding. We were waiting on a few things... We wanted to figure out exactly where we wanted the wedding to be at before hand. I didn't want to be stuck on a date only to find out later it was already reserved. Bill and I had a hard time really deciding the where part of the whole event... we wanted someplace that fit our personalities, that wasn't too expensive, and where we could have both the reception and the ceremony.

We landed on Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, MN. I actually had called sometime in February or March to see what they had left for the fall and there was really nothing. I finally scheduled a day to meet with the 'wedding lady' and check it out. We immediately fell in love... Set the date and gave them a check that day!

May 7, 2011 will be the big day!

There are so many great things about the place. The ceremony will be out back of their pavilion, which is a big red pole barn, and will look over the lake there. The inside is basically a blank slate and we can really do whatever we want (I already have some good ideas). It's quiet and private. They also have a volleyball net set up and a fire pit. They even have some farm animals! Hopefully it will all go well and the skies will stay clear for some fun outside.

I really wish I would have taken some photos while we were out there. Maybe we'll get out there again sometime this summer. It's not the longest drive, but it's about 40-45 minutes away.

A bonus... next door is one of our favorite places, Big Stone Mini Golf! Hopefully we can sneak over for some amazing wedding photos!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon.

I'm doing it too. Starting a blog.

I'm mostly doing this for myself, but if you happen to stumble upon it, welcome. My current plan is to document my journey planning a wedding. I know other things will be rolled in.... our house, life events, and whatever fun trials come my way. This way hopefully it will continue on post wedding!

I attempted to start more of a journal, but the notebook has just sat on my shelf for a few weeks. I figure this should be easier, I feel like I'm always on the computer... but maybe it's just because work is on the computer. That method would have required printing, cutting, pasting...