Last year, Bill and I decided that instead of trying to have some sort of new year resolution that we would probably inevitably fail at, we would try something else. For 2014, we decided that we wanted to try at least one new restaurant each month. Now, in 2015, we want to continue this. We've had so much great food at so many restaurants and there are an endless number of things to still try just within our area.

Now, on top of that, we plan on adding breweries and wineries to our list. This year our goal is going to be one for every two months, so six total for the year. If I can remember correctly, we did five in 2014, so six should work out just fine.

The only "rules" we really have are that neither of us have gone there before and it has to be of our choosing. So... like a family birthday at restaurant neither of us has been to still doesn't count (but I am adding those to the list because they were new and others might want to try...). For the breweries and wineries, we're just going to count all because there aren't nearly as many of those as there are restaurants.


Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque - Stillwater, MN*
Sushi Tango - Minneapolis, MN

6Smith - Wayzata, MN
YoYo Donuts & Coffee Bar - Minnetonka, MN

Kindee Thai Restaurant - Minneapolis, MN

La Fresca: Nouveau Mexican Cuisine - Minneapolis, MN
Krona Bar & Grill - Minneapolis, MN*

Rudy's Red Eye Grill - Rosemount, MN*
Butcher & The Boar - Minneapolis, MN
The Loop - St. Louis Park, MN
Geneo's Pizza - Harvey, IL
The Kitchen - Chicago, IL

Victor's on Water - Excelsior, MN

Galaxy Drive In - St. Louis Park, M
moto-i - Minneapolis, MN*
Butcher Salt [food truck] - Minneapolis, MN
The Boot Grill - Loveland, CO*

Smoke on the Mountains [food truck] - Golden, CO*
Gold Mine Cupcakes - Golden, CO*
Bakers St. Pub & Grill - Westminister, CO*
Surly Brewing Co. - Minneapolis, MN

Brooks High Beer Battered [food truck] - Minneapolis, MN
Marin Restaurant & Bar - Minneapolis, MN

The Bachelor Farmer - Minneapolis, MN

Fuji Ya - Minneapolis, MN
Spyhouse Coffee - Minneapolis, MN

Bluefox Indian Bar & Grill - St. Louis Park, MN
Avenida - Minnetonka, MN*

Maple Island Brewing - Stillwater, MN
612 Brew - Minneapolis, MN
Great Waters Brewing Company - St. Paul, MN
Surly Brewing Co. - Minneapolis, MN
Bauhaus Brew Labs - Minneapolis, MN
Odell Brewing Company - Fort Collins, CO
Fort Collins Brewery - Fort Collins, CO
Golden City Brewery - Golden, CO
Wabasha Brewing Company - St. Paul, MN

* = Other new restaurants we tried that we didn't pick

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