Sunday, November 21, 2010


I had been eyeing a felted bird cake topper for quite some time... I thought it was absolutely perfect. I decided recently that it was time I started cracking down and actually start purchasing some of this stuff I had picked out for the wedding. Well, I started looking at these cake toppers again and decided I didn't like them anymore... good thing I didn't purchase them when I first found them.

After searching for awhile, I came across these fantastic birds by Cotton Bird Designs. I knew immediately that these were the ones I wanted. So.... they have been purchased and are currently flying over here from England. They have many different ones... some even made out of some very interesting paper.

Hopefully they don't mind me sharing this photo... Link to Etsy post.

I can't wait for them to arrive. I hope they look as fantastic in person!

Next on my list is the veil. It's all picked, I just need to finally buy it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Engagement Photos.

On Thursday, Bill and I had our engagement photos taken. They were part of our wedding photography package. I was a little worried, I hadn't had actual photos taken since my senior pictures for high school... just short of forever ago (7 years ago). So, I was a little worried. I feel like it went well. Bill behaved like a 5 year old. I'm sure our photographer thinks we're slightly crazy... which we are, so it's ok.

Today we received a link to our online preview! I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Check out our photo preview!