Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garage Service Door Hardware.

I mentioned awhile ago when I was talking about new door handles and locks that we purchased similar ones to swap out the handle and deadbolt on the garage service door. It would have been that one spot of shiny brass that kept yelling at me to fix it until I did. So, we bought replacements when we bought the others and waited until it was warm enough to not lose any fingers from the cold while trying to install it.

On a recent Sunday, we hit 60°F! HEAT WAVE!

We definitely have some cleaning up to do... Yikes. That door needs a good scrub... And then there is the construction debris floating around along with leaves and pine needles. Then there is that blue pipe that needs to be painted... Let's just say there will be a lot of painting outside this summer.

While they were still in pretty good shape and not all that horrible looking, it was the last shiny brass knob and deadbolt around and it would have bugged me to leave it.

I think it looks much better. Now to just take care of the yard... yikes!

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