Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Basement: Let there be light!

All of our new light fixtures are in! Along with the switches and outlets! WOO! The electricians came in and finished up everything in one day. While it's exciting to have the fixtures up, it's more exciting to finally have light in a few areas. The bedroom/office had nothing going on, as well as what we're calling the utility room. We (us, contractor, electricians) didn't even notice at first that there were zero lights in the windowless utility room. Oops. Besides getting everything else finished up, they added lights in there. Nothing fancy.

You can get all the details on picking these light fixtures here.

I had the highest hopes for the allen + roth Valencia 12-in W Brushed Nickel Fabric Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light for the back entry way light. I am not disappointed. I LOVE IT! I wish it could be in my life more...


That is only ugly door...

Home Depot's Hampton Bay Vortex 5-Light Satin Nickel Track Lighting Kit in the laundry room turned out as expected. Like, but not love. It does really help having more light already and I think it makes me like the paint color more.

I'm hoping that it will work great when everything is situated and I can aim the lighting to where it is needed.

Nothing crazy going on in the main room. They put on the covers...? frames...? I don't know what they are but they look finished now. They also swapped out the miscellaneous assortment of bulbs for ones that are all the same. It is nice and bright. The bulbs they did put in do put off a little bit of warmth, but I think it will be ok because it is fairly cool down there. 

For the bedroom/office, we went with Lowe's Portfolio 17-in W Painted Champagne Ceiling Flush Mount. It was a challenge to capture with it on...

The height of it is perfect. No one will be banging heads on it unless they're jumping on something or they're an NBA basketball player... 

I had been a little worried about the edge of the shade. It was described as string and that's what it is. I actually like it though. This is the only fixture where we didn't stick with a brushed chrome, which I was a little concerned about as well. I think it will work great with the room and as of now, I like it.

You can tell in a couple of the pics that HVAC popped in for the last time too. They installed the weird white covers in the ceiling for the vents and the cold air intake ones elsewhere. They also hooked up and turned on this pump that we now have that pumps the water run off from running the furnace and air conditioner through the ceiling and walls into the fancy new drain for the washing machine.

It's very exciting watching this all come together. It already is crazy that this semi-finished space is in my house! Big things left on the list at this point are paint, flooring, doors, and then just small odds and ends.

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