Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trouble Maker...

Where did he get the idea that this was ok....?

I don't really know what he was looking at / for. He's just as bad as a toddler some days. What a trouble maker.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens

Things might finally get a little more normal here... I know I've been MIA for over a week, but life has been insanely busy. Over the weekend, my mom got married!

The ceremony was held at Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Orono, MN, which is very close to where I grew up and somehow I had never been there. It's a very popular place for senior photos, homecoming/prom photos, and weddings & wedding photos. We actually had a wedding group and a homecoming group there to do photos before we started. I only had a chance to grab a few photos because I was busy being in them and walking my mom down the aisle with my sister.

If you're in the area, especially if you're looking for a great place to take some photos, definitely check it out!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Finished Quilt.

I finished the quilt for my sister's son the day she was due. Luckily (?), she didn't go into labor early. In fact, we had to wait a whole extra week to finally meet him. He is absolutely perfect. Our whole family is in love with him.

But since I mentioned it and already shared some photos of the quilt in progress, I figured it would be good to show off the finished product.

It's definitely not perfect, but for my first attempt at a real pattern (instead of just random squares, not worrying about lining things up), it's not bad. 

It's a little wrinkly... even though it is the one thing I've ironed more than anything else. Ever.

Just went with super simple on the back. I wanted to add a little something, so I did a little quick "embroidery" on a what I was calling a patch. It ended up as more of a handle. Hopefully it holds up and he doesn't rip it out... 

I had my sister open it up as soon as she could after the baby was born. I thought it would go much differently then what it did, but she likes it (which is what I was going for). Now, hopefully baby boy likes it too when he's old enough to take notice. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

August Wrap Up

I'm a little behind... but my sister gave birth to one beautiful, healthy baby boy! More on that later ;)

This month was crazy... as has this entire summer. I spent a huge amount of time on the quilt for my sister's son. It turned out great and she loves it (hopefully he will too)! I accidentally picked up a hutch for the living room, which still needs some styling... We hit up a few of our fun places: downtown Wayzata and Stillwater. I had a long birthday weekend with mermaids and a crazy coconut drink. We then went out to the state fair on the actual big day and rocked out to Hanson! A whole lot of nothing happened around the house, we did finally close on our renovation loan though. Still nothing started there... Hopefully that will be remedied today.

August To Do:
  • Quilt
  • Finish editing all photos for friends & family. I need to get the ones done for my sister, hopefully by Saturday when I see her again. And I have some 'extra' photos from a bachelorette party and a wedding that I've promised to people (additional ones that didn't make it to facebook). Um... I only got the ones done for my sister.
  • Plan our late summer/early fall camping trip. We're up in the air on this. We have a long weekend scheduled but no set plans. We're thinking alternatively of heading west and hitting Mount Rushmore or going east to Chicago. It's just us this year...
  • Finish my kitchen ceiling eye sore. And I didn't touch this. I looked at a few times though... does that count?
September To Do:
  • Finish my kitchen ceiling eye sore.
  • Pick out fixtures for the front of the house - new siding and windows means new light fixture and whatnot.
I'm going to leave it at that. We have a LOT going on this month (still), so I don't think that two item list will go anywhere. My mom is getting married in less than two weeks, so we have a lot going on with that and work is slightly insane right now.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Hip Squeaks

Everything is babies around here lately. Last week, I talked about how my sister was due... Well, he still hasn't made his grand appearance. She's scheduled to be induced tomorrow.

Bill and actually had a close friend who was due the very next day but she actually gave birth a few days early. Tonight, we're finally going to go meet the new baby.

I really don't know how this whole baby stuff should really work. While my husband and I are really good friends with her and her husband, I still felt that we weren't family and that we should give them their space. I thought it would be better to let them settle in and get into their new routine. I waited until about a week to send out a message saying how we would love to meet the new baby and see how they're all doing and made a very open suggestion for whenever during the week. I also checked in today to make sure that today was still ok. I don't want them to feel like they have to see us or entertain us in any way. And now I'm sort of worried I waited too long, as other mutual friends were over there the day they were home from the hospital...

I know, over thinking.

On to the point... I came across this company Little Hip Squeaks a couple of weeks ago and thought that they had some extremely cute things. I went ahead and ordered a matching hat and blanket as a gift. I have no children, so I can't comment on how great I think they'll be, but I love the print. I almost ordered something for my sister too, but figured I should really maybe slow down on spoiling my nephew before he's even born...

Hopefully they go to good use. I'm definitely hoping to hear some positive reviews. I think it would make a good go to baby gift for friends.

I like the simple, but still cute packaging.

And I have it all wrapped up and ready to go now...