Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Hip Squeaks

Everything is babies around here lately. Last week, I talked about how my sister was due... Well, he still hasn't made his grand appearance. She's scheduled to be induced tomorrow.

Bill and actually had a close friend who was due the very next day but she actually gave birth a few days early. Tonight, we're finally going to go meet the new baby.

I really don't know how this whole baby stuff should really work. While my husband and I are really good friends with her and her husband, I still felt that we weren't family and that we should give them their space. I thought it would be better to let them settle in and get into their new routine. I waited until about a week to send out a message saying how we would love to meet the new baby and see how they're all doing and made a very open suggestion for whenever during the week. I also checked in today to make sure that today was still ok. I don't want them to feel like they have to see us or entertain us in any way. And now I'm sort of worried I waited too long, as other mutual friends were over there the day they were home from the hospital...

I know, over thinking.

On to the point... I came across this company Little Hip Squeaks a couple of weeks ago and thought that they had some extremely cute things. I went ahead and ordered a matching hat and blanket as a gift. I have no children, so I can't comment on how great I think they'll be, but I love the print. I almost ordered something for my sister too, but figured I should really maybe slow down on spoiling my nephew before he's even born...

Hopefully they go to good use. I'm definitely hoping to hear some positive reviews. I think it would make a good go to baby gift for friends.

I like the simple, but still cute packaging.

And I have it all wrapped up and ready to go now...

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