Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smalls To Do List

This is my small(er) things to do list... which a lot of it is weather dependent. I'm putting it out there so I don't forget and I hold myself somewhat accountable, otherwise they might not get finished. Or remembered. You can probably just ignore this and they may not make much sense...

  • The now giant hole in my kitchen ceiling.
  • Do something with the doorway in the kitchen that used to have a door, but no longer does and still has the door frame.
  • Spray paint the gold-ish owl in the living room (above). Or maybe I shouldn't paint it?
  • Make a plan for the free road side desk, execute plan.
  • Remove grout between counter and tile, caulk.
  • Caulk all the weird gaps in trim, etc. around the house.
  • Plan for fixing up/refinishing Lane Acclaim tables. Test it out. Execute.
  • Declutter my house --> mostly the basement. We are currently working on this, but it's always good to continue to ingrain into my head in every way possible.
  • Patch the wall "damage" in the kitchen from fixing the electrical.
  • Find "art" for the empty end of the living room. I'm think some mid century candle holder type things would look good. And I may have found some on the cheap-ish.
I know there is more, but I can't really think of anything right now, so I'll probably keep adding on...


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    1. Thanks! Ever since I got it I've been on the hunt for a second one... I am always just missing out (too slow to things being sold via Facebook) or they're going for double what I got this one for.