Monday, April 8, 2013

Living Room Before & After / Tour

I finally finished painting! It only took me like 2 months. But it's done and it looks great! The room is about 1000% times brighter and it looks absolutely nothing like it did before.

While this room has changed a LOT since we moved in, I am just going to focus on the before and after in terms of what it looked like right before this change because it has been the biggest.

This is the day we moved in...

Those curtains make me cringe every time...

Here is what it looked like for most of 2012. We've had most of the same furniture since we moved in or just after. The plan is to use all of this in our basement family room when it exists. 

I never really knew what do do with that wall... 

At this point we had only had these shelves for about a year. While intention was good, they kept accumulating more and more "things" (mostly books) and at this point it was too much for me. It was too busy.

Here is where we are at today. While there is still a decent amount of things to accomplish, I'm happy with the progress. 

The shot above and below show pretty much what I'm calling done in terms of big stuff. We do want to replace the rug and some of the TV components will hopefully end up in the credenza when I get the courage to drill a hole in it...

I had to steal this one above from when I took photos of the Eames Foundation print, I sort of missed this area and I absolutely love these chairs. The tops of our Lane Acclaim tables need to be refinished/spruced up still, but we got a great deal on them.

The corner with the black cabinet is definitely not done. That's the "for now" arrangement. And that foot stool is just sort of hanging out and getting shoved around. I'm not sure if it's something that is going to stay even though I really like it. The plan for that cabinet is to find a small hutch or something to showcase a *few* books and a couple vintage pieces like the fan and cameras we already have. 

We are also still waiting on the second curtain rod to finally arrive to put them both up. The Ikea lamp in the corner will be making it's exit eventually as well, but for now it's nice to have the extra light. We're waiting to see how a hutch works before we add any sort of art work at this end, but I have a couple of ideas in mind.

As for where we got it...

Golden Swivel Chairs - FindFurnish of Minneapolis, MN
Lane Acclaim Table Set (we have another side table that doesn't fit in the room) - FindFurnish
Philco Record Player - Find Furnish
Credenza - Find Furnish
Black DVD Cabinet - Target
Curtains - Ikea
Wood Chair - Golden Age Designs of Robbinsdale, MN
Wood/Porcelain Lamp - Golden Age Designs
Arc Lamp - CB2
Foot Stool - Retro Wanderlust of Hopkins, MN
Nixon Couch - Thrive Furniture
"&" Pillow - Crate & Barrel
Yellow Pillow - World Market
Gray Herringbone Pillow - World Market
Teal Chevron Pillow - Target
Gray Sequin Pillow - Target
Knit Blanket - Target
Light Gray Herringbone Throw - West Elm
White Throw - Ikea
Gold Owl - World Market
Rug - Menard's
Starburst Mirror - Home Depot
Starburst Clock - FindFurnish
Large Plants & Pots - Home Depot
Small Plants (Succulents) - Ikea & Menards
Small White Pots - Ikea
Frames - Target
Prints on Black Wall - Etsy
Basket under the Side Table - Target

You can tell where we shop the most...

See something I missed? Ask away!


  1. Would you mind sharing your paint colors?

    1. Hi Kim,
      The new colors are from Home Depot's Behr paint. The light blue/gray color is Sterling (780E-3) and the black is Beluga (770F-7).