Wednesday, February 22, 2012

new chairs.

Over the weekend, Bill and I decided to take out the summer car and enjoy the nice day... We ended up going into Minneapolis to one of my favorite new places, findfurnish [facebook].

These two photos are from Bill. Look at all the amazing things...!

Really, we just went to look, but I sort of got caught up on a pair of chairs... And something must have aligned just right, because Bill was all "Let's get them!" Shock. The catch was/is that they match nothing... They clash with almost everything in my living room. So, it was decided, it is time to redo the living room... and we purchased the chairs.

They're so "pretty"... The picture is more orange than they are. They're more of a golden yellow color. And they swivel!

These chairs are my second purchase from findfurnish. I can't wait to go back again and find some more things for our living room --- credenza/sideboard/buffet for the TV, possibly a couch, side tables... 

So... because we drove the summer car, we had to go back to the house to get a bigger vehicle. Here are some photos from just driving around.

The Carriage House... findfurnish is on the back side of this building.


From a different angle the next day...

And once again... iPhone photos.

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