Monday, February 27, 2012


I randomly found out about this event taking place in Minneapolis on Saturday... snowGRADE. It's a men's pop-up market. One of my favorite re-sellers of furniture, Golden Age Design, were going to be there and I'm on a hunt for a credenza for the living room. Anyways, we decided to go check it out....

It was held in the Architectural Arts building in Minneapolis, actually the same building where our wedding photographer has her studio. Architectural Antiques is in the main floor of the building and they hosted the event, so they still had all of their stuff everywhere, which made for an awesome space. But... it made for not a lot of walking space and certain people were oblivious that they were conversing in the middle of a main walk way, making it difficult to access some of the spaces.

Overall, there were some pretty interesting local companies that I had never heard of. It was great to "discover" some of them and some purchases from those companies will probably be made in the future... especially a certain t-shirt that fits the personality of a good friend *very* well.

As usual, here are some photos from the event...

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