Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The closet shelves are in.

Bam! After sitting in the corner for over a year, my shelves have been put in the closet. I was hoping to squeeze 5 in, but we only got 4 in. I wasn't 100% sure how far apart I would want them and once we got working on it and maybe used Harry Potter for spacing, we just ended with 4. Works for me. I think in my first drawing of it, I started at the bottom and then had the very top shelf higher, so that would have been different, but it wouldn't have fit stuff well on it.

So, I pulled out everything else that was on the floor -- book shelf and file cabinety thing. I also pulled out that random piece of painted wood and the hangers.

Side note: I would like to point out how difficult it is to take a decent photo in such a cramped space...

We decided that due to the space and the bracket type (and the fact that it didn't have to be perfect), we would attach the brackets to the shelves first. After we would go into the closet, level it, mark holes, drill, add anchors, then screw the shelf in.

The above is the height and holes marked for the first one. We didn't mark for height after that. I just spaced it out with Harry Potter and then used a tape measure to get about the same height for the others. 

Here is the first shelf in (don't worry, we pulled out that giant nail). The space where those books are will probably be for extra tall things that don't fit on the shelves otherwise (yearbooks, etc.). And then there it is with 3 shelves in. 

 Oh, and did you see this... shiny paint on shiny paint on shiny paint. Of course it didn't stay. That will have to be addressed at some point, but it's going to just sit tight for now.

All shelves in and getting some of the books put in... 

And a nice empty floor. I think I'm going to go through at some point and touch up the base boards. I'm not really sure how you do such a horrible job at painting...

Sadly, I actually just crammed a bunch of stuff back in... I know, I know... I said I was going to go through everything before it went back in, but now it seems that my home needs to be presentable for 'guests' on Thursday, so I'll have to go back through it later. And in the mean time, I am on the search for storage containers of some sort. Not sure if that will be baskets or containers or what. For now, as you can see above, we're rocking some shoe boxes.

Even though this 'project' needs to be put on hold for hopefully only a few days, it feels good to finally get those shelves up.

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