Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Junk Bonanza starts tomorrow!

Junk Bonanza starts tomorrow!

Minnesotans (I totally say that how you're probably thinking I do...), you should totally check it out. It's awesome! I plan on hitting it up on Saturday morning with my sister, my favorite thrifting / antiquing buddy. We both work really well together because we're very much opposites. So, we never want what the other wants and can also pick out what the other person would totally love. I'm a little pumped. Now that my living room is actually mid-century-ish, I can start looking for those extra things.

When we went to Junk Bonanza in the fall, our best find was a jewelry box. Our grandparents died withing 2 days of each other about two and a half years ago. One of the things that I inherited was my grandmother's jewelry box. The one we found was its better twin, condition wise. While in excellent condition, it wasn't my grandma's, so not as awesome. But we were so excited, now my sister has one too. We had previously just missed out on the same one over at Retro Wanderlust in Hopkins when they first opened... someone was in the process of purchasing it when we saw it. So, this find was extra exciting.

The Junk Bonanza blog has been doing little features on some of the vendors that will be there, which is great to see. If you're on the fence about going, checking that out might help you come to the dark side. But... those posts can't even begin to tell / show you how much stuff will be there.

But seriously, you should check it out. If I could, I would be going tomorrow or Friday... I feel like it might be less busy on the days that most people are probably working. Let me know if you go and what awesome things you scored!

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