Monday, April 22, 2013

Junk Bonanza!

On Saturday, my sister and I made our way over to Junk Bonanza. We thought we would beat the crowd by getting there early... well, everyone else had the same idea and the longer we were there the busier it got.

I was looking for some sweet accessories for the house and I honestly found nothing. Most everything is very antique-y, which fits perfect with my sister's style/likes. I think the mid century styled items are a little too new. There were a few here and there but nothing I couldn't live without. It was still a great time and it's fun to look at all of the awesome things.

I took significantly less photos this time around. I didn't want to be the crazy camera lady... which I am sure I was, I saw no one else with a DSLR. If you were there Saturday and saw a weird twenty-something with a camera, that might have been me. I also was using a fixed 35mm lens, so that made a little more difficult to get good photos with so many people EVERYWHERE.

I spotted this awesome assortment of vintage cameras right away. While I love photography and I think all of these cameras are awesome to look at. I would probably never use them and I don't know enough to know what is a good find. 

My sister has a thing with dolls, mostly them in pieces. (We're a weird family...) So, these were totally her thing. She didn't buy any but we did see them at a second vendor's booth. Any clue as to what they were made/used for? 

The patina on this little table and chairs set was amazing. Photos can not do it justice...

I would say that this awesome "little" TV fits into the mid century category, but ... old, large TV is a no go. 

Took the shot below of the Tonka Truck because it was made in my home town of Mound, MN. Sadly, I didn't catch the logo in focus in my quick snap of this.

The tag for this chair said it was Herman Miller and was marked at $145. It was up really high on top of a shelf, so I'm not sure if was in fact the real deal. I would love to own a real piece of Eames but I already have enough of a chair problem. And really, it's kind of not a color I would really pick out.

This guy was hiding on a low shelf... pretty sweet. Really liking the retro font.

Did anyone else make it over there? Did you find anything awesome?

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