Monday, April 15, 2013

The Floorplan.

While I've half been working on getting up photos of the whole house, I thought it might be helpful to get an idea of the layout. So... I spent probably way more time than I should have whipping up this floor plan of the house.

We have a whopping 738 finished square feet. I know, HUGE. Just kidding. Our first apartment together was probably the world smallest one bedroom apartment at about 300 square feet. The rooms were tiny. If you really wanted to, you could sit on the toilet with your feet in the tub and wash your hands at the same time. It probably had 1.5 square feet of standing space. The kitchen was basically the same... you could stand in almost the same spot and use the sink, turn and use the oven or fridge. No appliances were a standard full size. They were mini. My lone cookie sheet at the time didn't fit in the oven. So, 738 square feet is big for us and works fine. Really, we have the same amount of space downstairs that just isn't finished, yet. But we're working on that. For now, we just enjoy the upstairs and the occasional laundry trip downstairs.

This floor plan is not super accurate, but it's fairly accurate and proportional. My doors and windows are not super accurate...

Here is our size break down, according to the listing when we purchased.

Living Room: 17' x 11'
Kitchen: 13' x 8'
Master Bedroom: 12' x 11'
2nd Bedroom: 12' x 9 '
Bathroom: 8' x 5'
Deck: 16' x 16'

We also have one small "hallway," four very wonderfully small closets, and an equally small back entrance area.

Hopefully I will have a basement with rooms to put together a floor plan for in the near future...

Pst... I'm on google+ now. It's not too fancy yet, but it is there!

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  1. Good things come in small packages!

    We've lived in some tiny apartments too -- my first one in NYC was 268 square feet! The new house is so challenging and exciting for us as it is our first time with real space to plan out. Anyway, your floor plan looks awesome! Fingers crossed that basement works out exactly as you want it to!!