Thursday, April 4, 2013

Master Bedroom Before & After / Tour

I've been working to get the "Our House" portion of this site up, so here is the next installment / addition.

Our bedroom is really only the master bedroom because we own the house and that's where we sleep. It is also the largest bedroom weighing in at a whole two feet longer than the other one. This room has gone from a pale yellow to a 'neon' green to a really great red to the gray it is today. They gray was finally the it color.

These two before images are from the day we moved in. 

And as of today, this is how it's looking. There is still a lot more I want to do... like get a headboard and replace the Ikea dresser. We actually just very recently pulled out our Ikea Malm bed and just went for a regular metal frame. That bed was a beast with very hard and pointy corners that I ran into often. The plan is to buy a mid-century style headboard or bed (West Elm!!) or build/buy an upholstered head board. 

This corner above has been virtually untouched since those things have been put there when we moved in. I'm just waiting to find the right things to replace it all with -- mostly that dresser. While it does hold clothes still, the bottom drawer is close to not functioning and it's held together with a LOT of Gorilla Glue.

I'm unsure of the chevron covered pillows at the moment. I ordered those covers online with no place in mind and I had two white pillows so, that's where they ended up. I am thinking I should have ordered two of the same color, but I'm not sure which one I like or if I like them at all.

Don't mind part of my giant scarf collection falling out from behind the door...

Some of the basics on where it's from:

Gray Throw - West Elm
Yellow Quilt - Crate & Barrel
White Duvet & Pillow Covers - Ikea
"Brown" Dresser - Ikea
White Dresser - "Dumpster" find at our old apartment
Light Fixture - Lowe's - More Here
Night Stand - Ikea
Lamp - Shade from Target, Stand from Ikea
Flower Pillow - Target
Striped Body Pillow Cover - Target
White Frames - Ikea
Ung Drill Frame in Yellow - Ikea - More Here
Antlers - West Elm - More Here
Hamper - Pier 1 Imports
Paint - Home Depot
Light Switch Cover - Home Depot - More Here

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