Saturday, August 27, 2011


When we purchased our new bathroom light fixture, we also picked out a new one for our bedroom. It was a brand new light fixture and they only had the floor model, so we had to wait almost a month before it came in.

Portfolio 2-Bulb Chrome Chandelier
It was kind of exciting... All the light fixtures in this house were horrible when we bought it. The bathroom and our bedroom were really the last two major ones that I wanted to switch out. We knew the instant we saw it that it was the perfect one. Then of course, I had to do my, 'are you sure?' deal. Making sure that Bill actually likes it and it's just liking it because he knows I like it. If that makes any sense.

This what I've had to look at for two years...

Let me tell you, this was one of the worst lighting fixture installs ever. It was not fun. It didn't help that it was evening, it took a million times longer than it should have, and nothing went right. 

Luckily, I was smart enough to put down an old towel over the bed right underneath the light. There was a lot mess... The old wiring that is wrapped in fiber is a pain. Bill always has the need to fix it so it isn't a mess and unraveled everywhere, which, I guess, is probably a smart thing to do. 

Bill finally got everything all wired up and we go to put the light fixture UP to mount it and the screws aren't long enough.... Or rather our electrical box thing is up too much into the ceiling. Ugh. So, it took some work and a lot of light holding by me. Let me tell you, holding sucks. A lot. We finally got it done. 

And some decent during the day ones...

Now what I would like to do is sway the light over to the middle of the bed (did you see the extra chain?). That requires finding a hook of some kind... And that's for another time.

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