Monday, July 25, 2011

Light Switch.

Recently I saw this light switch on Anthropologie's website for $18. Although it's pricey for a light switch plate, I figured that it was ok because I only wanted one.

Tin Roof Switchplates, Single
So, I emailed Bill and asked what he thought. He came back with a link to an online company who was selling some VERY similar for under $7. Awesome! Until I went to go check out and shipping was $9.95. Insanity! How on earth does something so small cost almost $10 to ship??? Because it doesn't... Well, we were able to find this different plate on many sites... the cheapest was Sears at about $3, but they were out of stock. Otherwise they all had high shipping costs that was still ending up at around $15. Bill finally found it on Home Depot's website - online only, no actually shipping costs. Woohoo!

Creative Accents 1-Gang Arabesque White Toggle Wall Plate
Plate cost: $6.82
Shipping: $0.00
Shipping Charges: $0.49 (not sure what that's all about but it works for me...)
Tax: $0.53
Total: $7.84

About the same cost as the first one Bill found! I wish smaller businesses would figure out that high shipping is not the answer. They totally would have made a sale if shipping hadn't been so unreasonable. Instead I had to go to the big box store...

Here are some "before" photos, which don't really show off too much.

Anyways, it came a couple days later and...

Strangely, the metal is actually cut out. So, those flat parts you see in the left photo are actually this paper/card stock that is on the back side.

And up on the wall...

I like it, I'm just not sure how much... Part of me thought about painting it. Probably because I'm on a spray painting kick and have some things to spray paint but it's been way too humid out to do any of it. So, I'm just going to leave it for now and see how I feel later.

Moral of a not so great story, shop around! And don't pay $10 for shipping, that's just insanity.

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