Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bedroom Paint.

Every since we bought this house, I've wanted the bedroom to be fantastic. But, it's the place I always get caught up. Sometimes it's the color, sometimes the "artwork" and sometimes just how to make what we already have work.

Our room started off yellow. A really pale yellow. At the time, I hated yellow. Worst color ever.

I originally wanted to go grey or gray, which ever you prefer. I bought a sample, just to be safe. I originally tried it out in the living room, thinking that would be the gray room, but I wasn't feeling it so I thought the bedroom would be a great spot. I was wrong. The color was just bad. Way too much blue in it. Not the nice neutral gray I had imagined. Color fail. I ended up just fixing the wall back to yellow with left over paint in the basement.

I left it for quite awhile before it really started to bug me. Then, last spring, I had a brilliant green idea. Green seemed like something that would work well with the things we already had and I had just found one of those floor cushions in a great green color that would work great for a dog bed. Well, for the first time in history, I may have found the color that was not dark enough. Sadly, in the room, it looked very close to a neon green. I loved the color, but it just wasn't working in the space.

 I gave up on green completely. I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I feel like I had the color in my mind, but just couldn't find that paint swatch to match.

Somehow, I got on this purple kick. But I wasn't sure that purple was right for the bedroom, so I expanded that to include Bill and had Bill help me out. We generally have the most success when we don't think about the color too hard, don't bring those little swatch things home, and don't get a sample to test it out. The more we think about it, the worse it ends ups.

So, we went and looked at paint colors and bought one right away. We chose this great red color, very deep and warm. I love(d) the color. We went the extra mile and purchased the paint with the primer in it. Well, being red made it difficult. We were coming up to the fourth of July and I really just wanted it to "look" done. So, not everything got enough coats and behind things didn't really get painted. A few months went by and I finally used the rest of the paint to get behind everything, except the wall mounted TV, and attempted to get enough coats on all walls. Well, there wasn't enough paint. And somewhere in there the color became different. I think that originally the paint wasn't mixed well enough and because it was so full at first, I had a difficult time mixing it more or to where it needed to be. So, after the first main time of painting, the color changed.

I've been meaning for a very long time to go get another gallon of paint so that it could finally be done. Well, recently I found this fantastic quilt. I kept trying to ignore how much I loved it because it was both expensive and in a yellow-mustard. Somehow, I convinced myself that it would look great with the red walls, brown curtains and other accessories and the large amounts of white.

The quilt became on sale and with a 10% off coupon, I went for it. Bill became convinced that our bedroom looked like a "burger." Before the quilt purchase, I had started to think about going a totally different direction with color. The continuing burger comments and a trip to Ikea where I spotted the perfect curtains made me decide to go for it. So, with another trip back to Ikea, I bought the perfect curtains and a couple other accessories. Then, it was off to Home Depot with a fabric swatch to find the right color. My thought was to find the curtain color on a swatch and go the shade lighter.

I think I got the perfect color.

The room looks much more "grown up" and makes all of the wood look better. I officially finished the painting on Saturday and I still am surprised every time I walk in the room. The room is so much more calm and relaxing. I loved the red color. But I actually love the room now. Fantastic choice.

I still have a few things left to finish up, but I will post the whole room soon!

Note: We used Behr paint from HomeDepot in Anonymous #780F-5.

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