Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ikea Ung Drill Update.

I get the most hits on here from my post about painting the Ikea Ung Drill frame. Awesome! I just thought I would give a short update as to what I've done with it.

My previous post just shows it going from the purple I painted it for my wedding to the yellow gold I painted it for my bed room. I had just left it empty for quite some time, trying to decide what to do with it. I landed on adding antlers. It took lots of searching for different ones, including deciding between choosing between fake or vintage real.

We decided on the Papier-Mache Animal Sculptures Small Antlers at West Elm.

West Elms Papier-Mache Animal Sculptures | Small Antlers on Upper Left
They are no longer available, but at $19.95 for the small, it really couldn't be beat. We did have to decide between small and large. They only had small in stock at the time and it actually turned out to be the perfect size. So, below is what the frame currently looks like with the antlers added.

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