Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Tiling...

Today is the day!

Today  is the day we start the last leg of fix up the bathroom! Woohoo! The end is near. Hopefully.

This weekend we plan on re-tiling the tub surround. Luckily, we have this three day weekend to do it and hopefully that is all it takes.

Today (Friday): Demolition. I actually do not like this part, it's messy and a pain in the butt. Bill has a half day and I have to go into work, so hopefully demolition will be done when I get home at 6pm tonight. Then we will hopefully get the cement board up and everything waterproofed.

Saturday: Tiling! With a side of afternoon grad party for my cousin. Hopefully tile will be completed that day. If we're done by the evening, we have a birthday party we will be heading to! *Crossing fingers that this will happen.*

Sunday: Grout! I actually really like grouting... It's easy, just a matter of waiting long enough to do so and then waiting long enough for it to dry to do.... (This reminds me that I need to check the mortar to see how long we need to wait to grout because this schedule may need to be revised...)

Monday: Sealing! Sealing the grout and the travertine tiles we will be using as accents to pull the floor travertine into another part of the bathroom.

Wish us luck! It's going to be a long weekend... especially since we only have the one bathroom. I'm very hopeful that I will be able to take a shower on Tuesday morning. Until then, sink baths it will be!

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