Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap.

Um.... so, we're not done.

We got off schedule the first day unfortunately. We made a lot of trips to the great Home Depot where we now have a new friend. And it's back to work as soon as I hit publish...

So, here is the run down of how it actually happened....

Friday: Bill had all of the old stuff ripped out before I got home from work. (Awesome!) He had found mold on the insulation facing the tile, so he had ripped all of that out and was just finishing bagging everything up when I got home. Inside of the walls looked great, everything was dry, no mold. We ran to home depot and picked up new insulation. I'm sure we bought other things, but with all the trips, I don't remember. We got it cut to size and put into the walls. Then we started cutting and putting up cement board, but we only got the exterior wall finished before it got too late to be making so much noise outside.

Saturday: We had my cousin's grad party to attend in the early afternoon. We slept in and spent the morning getting ready to get out of the house for that. We probably should have left the grad party much sooner, but we didn't... Made another trip to the Home Depot. Picked up new shower head, spout, and on/off handle set. Went home, cement board up one wall. Another trip to Home Depot to return shower fixture set. Chatted with new friend. Picked up different fixture set and other fun things. Finished cement board. Fixed up the joints. 'Painted' liquid waterproofing stuff over everything because Bill thought it was absolutely necessary...

Sunday: Finished up waterproofing. Drying time. Tiled. Tiled all day... "Showered" in the garden hose in my back yard. Thankfully it was dark, but it was cold... and yes, I wore clothes.

Monday: Went and enjoyed some time with my sister and used her shower. Grouted. Grouting went horribly wrong... I'm still pissed about it and don't even want to talk/write about it... Basically I was up really, really late working on it and it didn't get finished there.

Tuesday: Back to work. Fixed grout and caulked. Did some cleaning, but everything just really needs a good scrub.

Now, I'm about to go clean the tub so we can take showers again. Hopefully I will have time to clean the whole bathroom before Bill gets home today. Then we will probably be putting the old, but very clean fixtures back up and hanging shower curtains back up.

After all that... we still need to fix the paint, seal the grout and travertine tiles (Grout packaging says to wait three days, which puts that at tomorrow night. It only says not to WALK on it for 16 hours... I should probably look it up online before we actually shower again). I'm sure I'll need to clean everything again after that. And the entire house needs to be cleaned from all the different dusts going everywhere. And finally, at some point we going to have the bathtub refinished/resurfaced/painted (not sure what they call that), so it doesn't look so bad... marks from where track doors used to be, chips, etc from before we bought the house.

I plan on doing a more detailed post with photos once we're all done (probably before the bathtub painting part), but I need to use all my time right now to get things back to normal over here...

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