Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

I work for a place where it's ok to bring your dog to work. I do not normally do so because I find it to be extra stressful and I worry about other people being bothered. I just so happened to bring Behr into the office with me the other day, he would have been stuck inside by himself all day for a lot longer than we normally leave him so I carted him along with me. Pretty much everyone else brought their dog that day too...

He liked standing in this area and had a thing for the plant. I even caught him sleeping behind it at one point. I think he liked it over here because he could just barely see my co-worker's puppy over at his desk. 

But he kept running into the plant so that his eyes were being poked. Not too smart...

Let's just say he won't be going back any time too soon... Way too much work to try to actually work, make sure he is ok and also make sure he isn't being a nuisance/annoying.

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