Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lane Acclaim.

Over the weekend, we went and checked out findfurnish. They were having a massive sale and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out anything epic. They definitely had/have some amazing things all the time!

We spotted a Lane Acclaim side table/coffee table set that hadn't even been priced and put out on the floor yet... Totally got it. We got a sweet deal, but the tops need some love. I'm checking with my expert (read: my mama) to make sure that what I think I can do to make it all better will work the way I want. Then the feet need to be touched up too and I will have to figure out how that should be done. If you know or have suggestions, let me know!

These are going to look so awesome in our living room when it's redone, when ever we get to that point...

Anyways, sneak peak photos...

We also get that sweet wool blanket in there... Like my boots?

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