Monday, January 14, 2013

A Credenza.

Bill and I had been looking for quite some time for something new for the television. We (or maybe mostly I) wanted something mid-century, that would match our previously purchased Lane Acclaim table set, and that could house our media components.

FindFurnish is always posting photos of fantastic things that could work... I saw this piece posted awhile back and figured it would sell right away. It actually had a top to it that sold first... I wasn't wild about the cane work on the door, but after getting some Christmas money and knowing they were having a sale, Bill and I went and checked it out.

See all of FindFurnish's photos of this Lane Buffet/Credenza
While at we were there checking out all of their awesome pieces, we found out that the panel on that door is REVERSIBLE! Totally awesome. And I might have to add, I think looks even better with the panel flipped...

Side note: check out that sweet art work... if you go to their facebook page or website, you can see more photos it.

To make a fairly short story even shorter, we totally picked this bad boy up for $100 off. Woot. There are a couple of small spots that need a little love and I definitely need to go through and clean out all the crevices with a cotton swab, but it's going to look fantastic in our living room when we get everything situated!

Anyways, here it is sitting in our living room, waiting to be placed in its new home...

I cannot wait until things are more normal, meaning that this credenza isn't sitting in front of a book case that will hopefully be making it's way out of the living room shortly...

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