Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid-Century Amazing at West Elm

Holy smokes... I just fell in love with some of the new stuff at West Elm. I've been pining over their little Mid-Century Nightstand since I first saw it sometime last year(?). There hasn't been a place for it in my house... I think it was yesterday when I got an email that was advertising their new products, but I didn't look until today. They have two matching dresser available now!

West Elm | Mid-Century Nightstand & Dressers

Amazing. Love.
Mid-Century Nightstand | $249
Mid-Century 3-Drawer Dresser | $549
Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser | $799

A grand total of $1597 + tax.

And hopefully, according to the new bedding photos floating around their site, there is a new Mid-Century style bed in the future... 

West Elm | Nomad Coverlet + Shams - Slate

To me, this is extremely exciting. West Elm, I will be saving my pennies. And hopefully in the near future, you will be offering that bed too, as that will be my tipping point.

So, currently the most expensive queen sized wood bed on their site is the Emmerson Bed for $1299. That brings my grand total up to $2896 + tax.

Right now I'm in the market for a new headboard/bed. We've been going between buying and building. I've found some great mid-century queen sized headboards, but I'm always too late to the show and they're snatched up by the time I get a hold of the buyer. This could be the solution to that problem! The matching dressers and nightstand only make it better. While I love one of our dressers, a dumpster find from our old apartment right out of college, the other is an Ikea one bought in college and hasn't weathered all of the moving very well. I've been hoping to stumble across another old dresser like the one we have that's maybe free and I just fix up, but I haven't found anything...

But seriously, starting to save my pennies!



The bed is now up on the West Elm website and it is wonderful!

Mid-Century Bed Frame
The bed ranges from $599 to $899 depending on size. Now I just need to pull Bill (the husband) into the West Elm and convince him of it's wonderfulness, which should not be a problem.


  1. Did you get the bed set yet? How is the quality? Very curious to know if you got the bed- are you are happy with it and if it is sturdy/solid construction?

    1. We have not. Ideally I would go with something 'vintage,' but finding something for a queen size bed is very difficult. I have been into the store to drool a few times but right now it's not in our budget with everything else we are trying to do. I definitely may jump at it if it goes on sale and the price is right, but that may be awhile yet...

  2. It's on sale this weekend