Friday, January 18, 2013

Changing a Dream.

In June of last year, I made a post about my "Dream Living Room"... as dreams tend to do, mine has changed. While I still all love those things I posted about, I am now aiming for more realistic. Over the past year, I've been collecting furniture to completely redo my living room. Here is what I've collected so far...

Philco Record Player
A pair of gold scalloped back swivel chairs
Lane Acclaim table set -- still needs some love to be pretty again.
Starburst / Sunburst Clock
Lane Cradenza
 Now that we've ordered a new couch to go with it all, it's about time to get everything in place. See what will fit and what won't. We've got a few other smaller things that I've gathered as well, like an old metal fan, a couple vintage cameras, a starburst mirror (actually from Home Depot's Martha Stewart collection), my grandma's sewing machine and this chair that isn't quite mid-century, more Art Deco.

There will definitely be more photos and post to come on how it all come together and some before/after photos.

These were all off of my instagram account.

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