Thursday, January 17, 2013

We just...

... ordered a new couch!

I am beyond excited and a little worried at the same time.
We bought/ordered the Nixon Sofa from Thrive Furniture in Expectation Grey.

Such a great looking mid-century style couch!

After a very long time of hating our current couch -- weird creaking since we moved, crappy pulling fabric,  misshapen cushions -- I will soon have a shiny new one.

We've stumbled across the Thrive Furniture site multiple times and as a new couch became more and more realistic, we kept going back. While other companies had some couches that were similar to some of the ones on Thrive Furniture's site, no one had one that style quite like the Nixon. After looking at it so much, everything else became to 'plain'. So, I ordered their free swatches so we could check out would work. And like magic, the samples arrive the next day.

Now for the past couple weeks we've been comparing swatches with the pieces we already have (trying to make it go with our awesome gold swivel chairs from FindFurnish!). It was really between the Expectation Grey and Klein Granite. The Klein Granite was feeling just a bit too dark and had a hint of green to it that I wasn't really feeling.

I'm slightly nervous about the big purchase, not having every actually sat on the sofa or been able to see it in real life with the right fabric. In reality, I sat on a regular, hard kitchen chair in my office for a few years and liked it, so I guess I shouldn't worry about comfort. I am worried it will arrive and I will hate it. Luckily, Thrive Furniture has a great return policy, so that's helping my worries. In all honesty, making any large purchase makes me worried and anxious.

But... I can't wait until it's finally here, in my living room and I will assume, looking awesome. I will definitely update when it arrives and we're settled in with it. Their production and delivery time is about 3 weeks, so maybe in a month or so...

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