Friday, January 25, 2013

Living Room Paint.

The wonderfulness of picking paint...


Paint is one of those things that can go either way. It can look amazing or it can turn out horribly wrong. I've had some of both happen.

I am at the stage where it is time to finally pick the paint color. I've been shopping like crazy looking for pillows and/or pillow covers, art, and whatnot to help put our living room together. I've known for quite some time that I wanted a gray/grey. Nothing too crazy there. The problem is that there are SO MANY shades/colors/variations. Each of those then change with the time of the day for natural lighting and interior lighting and whatever color light bulbs I happen to be rocking at the time. Now that the couch is ordered and that color picked, I know I want the same gray but much lighter. I want the room to be BRIGHT.

With our bedroom, I lucked out in the gray department. I found the curtains we have at Ikea and I then went I got all of the appropriate paint swatches at Home Depot, found the gray and dropped it down a level.

Behr  |  780F

For the bedroom, those curtains I mentioned were Dark Granite, so I used Anonymous. I then used mostly white and a yellow color for everything to keep it bright enough. I would like to do the same sort of thing... And according to the below photo, I'm thinking the fabric swatch for the couch is closest to Anonymous.

So, I am thinking drop it down a few shades, which bumps us off that paint swatch... I'm assuming this is supposed to be the lighter level. I'm assuming there is a logic to paint swatch numbering?

Behr  |  780E
The close ups for that one are not really working for me (colors are off)... The Billowy Down looks too blue in real life. Full Moon still looks too light. I think I'm leaning towards Sterling because we have white trim and I have nearly white curtains with white wood blinds. Is there one between Full Moon and Sterling that I'm missing...?

I worry that I'm not going light enough because I want to make sure there is a large enough difference between the couch and the walls. I ended up with the black wall in my living room because after rearranging the living room awhile back, the couch sat within a blank wall, no curtain interruption. The couch just blended right into the walls... no good. I'm also trying to debate on whether I keep the black wall or not. While I like it, the dark color shows all of the imperfections which tends to be significant in a house that's just over 60 years old.

Right now my plan is to paint it all and in Sterling. Off to go buy some paint...

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