Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Framing New Prints.

The new prints I ordered arrived a couple days ago... They look fantastic! I bought them on Etsy from seller Thedor, who was super speedy at getting them in the mail.

Above are two of the three we ordered. I can definitely tell you that my photos do not do them justice. Anyways, I got them all framed up and decided to share...

I just used some frames from Target, their Threshold line -- 11x14 frame with a mat that has an 8x10 opening.

You may wonder what else there could possibly be to framing... well, in Minnesota, our humidity level changes. A lot. Like a ton throughout the year. So, having less moisture in the air dries things out, especially in the winter, so prints and photos tend to slide down. In college, I was introduced to linen tape during the course on how to properly cut your own mat and mount. Ok, it was not really called that, but it's where I learned and it works well. And, it's super easy. You can purchase linen tape at most art supply stores, like Dick Blick. I think this is their most basic... it's what I have. You really only need a small piece per print. I used about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch squares.

Obviously, you need to pull you frame apart. 

Pull out the fancy fake print they lovingly put in there for you to admire at the store. I then just plop the print down in there and center it up by eye. Using my thumbs to hold the print in place, I lift it up. On prints like this, if you're somewhere bright, you can see through it and make sure it's straight and centered. You can't do this with photographs because light does not pass through them. I also tend to carefully flip it over in my direction while still holding the print in place with my thumbs to see what it looks like. If I'm having a bad day, I just hold it up for my husband to double check...

After, all you need to do is dampen the linen tape - the side with the adhesive. I usually just lick it with a stamp... Don't get it too wet though, you don't want to damage the print or photo. I usually put most of the tape on the mat because that's unimportant and easy to replace in case something happens.

Throw that frame back together and viola. Beautiful.

One of the best purchases I've made lately is the Minwax Food Finish Stain Marker. Thing fixes everything... But it works great for little dings on frames or furniture. I just put a little bit on, let it sit a few seconds so it can soak in a little and wipe off. Just follow the directions on the back. 

Two frames had a small spot each that I found once we had gotten them home. It was easy to  just use this to fix it quick then to return them.

Now, I just need to fix up my wall from the old 'art', paint, and hang these babies up.

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