Monday, February 11, 2013

Wall Mounting.

I have wanted to wall mount our living room television for quite some time. With the impending arrival of the new couch, Bill, the husband, took the leap and finally ordered one. The day it arrived was the day before the couch was supposed to arrive. Bill wanted to get it up and the new Lane Credenza situated underneath so that part of the room was taken care of, at least in terms of furniture. We got it put up that night with wires ran through the wall and everything.

The entire time, all I could think or say was "can't this wait until I've painted?" Which has put as at this point...

I have a feeling it's going to be awhile before the painting is completely done in this room. These photos also remind me how rough my floors look...

Yay for no more cords hanging out of the TV and no more giant TV stand thing!

Our goal was to purchase a credenza, buffet, or sideboard piece of furniture that could house the components. It's been clearly established that that massive receiver (1) will not fit, no matter what. I guess I can live with it where it is. In approximately 4 months, there will hopefully be no more DirecTV (2) box. Our plan is to phase out the whole cable / satellite thing. With most everything available online now, it seems pointless to pay a ton of money a month for the whole 4 channels we watch regularly. That leaves us with the PS3 (3), Apple TV (4), and a Wii. If all goes according to plan, by the end of this year we will have a family room that would be home at least one of those things. So, now, in case that does not happen or plans change and/or for the time being, we have two options...

Option 1: Drill a hopefully VERY small hole in the back of the door portion of the credenza for cords to go through, so that all of those things aren't laying out. This was our original plan. I sort of hate the idea of making a irreversible hole through something like this. We've done this before in the past but our last piece under the television was a free Ikea sideboard that someone had put out for free in the last apartment we lived in just out of college. So, we didn't really feel bad about making all the holes we needed to.

Option 2: Due to the fact that the receiver will never in it's lifetime be able to fit in there, we have been throwing around the idea of using one of those fancy remotes that has magic abilities to go through walls and what not. We have a strange closet that shares a wall with the living room. If we ran power, which wouldn't be very hard to do, up through and into it, we could put in outlets to house those things. I guess now that I'm writing it all out, this would only work with the receiver, satellite box, and the Apple TV. Those other things require remotes that probably wouldn't work. This option requires the previously mentioned electrical work, which isn't too bad. But a remote that makes this option possible is over $300.

I'm just having some reservations about making holes and fairly certain this is going to get put off for quite some time for that exact reason. Anyone out there put a hole into a piece of furniture and regretted it later? Any helpful suggestions?

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