Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mat. Frame. Hang.

I have finally started to feel better... After a week of some pretty serious sickness with the case of a nameless illness where the doctor pretty much said to suck it up, I ventured outside on Saturday. We had a birthday party to attend for our nephew and made sure we left with enough time to run a couple errands on the way. We made a stop at Dick Blick to see if they had the mat I found online. And I found it! While it cost a little bit more in store, I didn't have to pay for shipping and they actually have a discount for students and teachers that you can sign up for if you happen to fall in one of those categories. I bought the mat hoping it would just work, as going the custom route would have cost more than the almost $6 I spent on the pre-cut one.

The print sits so much better within this mat!

And the whole thing looks even better on the wall!

 I feel like this photo makes it look a little weird, but it does look good. I promise. I think it looks even better at night too, the lamp puts off light in just the right way to emphasize the 250 in the print. I will have to work on getting a decent shot of that.

I think that one very small section of  the living room can be labeled as "done." Done belongs in quotes because, really when is a room ever done...? It is always evolving along with us. If your room isn't changing along with you, you're probably not living.

Night shot.

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