Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We got our official approved list of Caterers for Gale Woods last week. Life has been a little crazy the past week, so I haven't fully looked into all of them yet. There are some very interesting ones that are high on our list already.

We are leaning more towards a pig roast/BBQ. It seems to fit the whole farm setting better than a lot of the other things. Right now, top on of the list is Divine Swine. We'll keep looking and probably set up a some times to go try some food.

I was sort of surprised to get the list already. We were told it would probably be around August. I was fine with that... It was really the next *big* thing on the list of to do's that I was more than happy to be able to put off... Now, I don't really have an excuse and should probably get on top of things. We'll get to it after the 4th of July. Our yearly party is forcing us to get a ton of house related things done in a very small amount of time. While things tend to get a bit crazy, it's nice to have that push to get some of this stuff done....

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