Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Black Wall.

Just over a year ago, around the time I started collecting furniture to re-do the living room, I reached a tipping point. The living room felt like an endless muddle of brown tones. The walls, the couch, the floor... It was all forming into one big gross brown blob with some red and black mixed in. When we first "decorated" the living room, the couch was on a different wall that had red curtains. Those curtains made everything ok. We eventually rearranged the living room for a better layout and ended up with the brownish couch on a brownish wall. It was too much... Instead of painting the whole room, because I'm slow tend to take forever and I actually still like the color, I decided accent wall was the way to go.

We went with our usual Behr paint from Home Depot and used Beluga (770F-7) in Satin. Lately, I always go with the paint and primer in one. It covers better and, well, primes.

My 'made' paint swatch is a little off... the photo of it above is more accurate in terms of colors.

Now with switching out the furniture and painting the other walls, I still like the black wall and it still seems to fit. So, I removed all the old wall decor and patched up the holes and we've been in a state of limbo for awhile now. The other night I dug out the black paint and got to work. Besides needing to fix those holes, there was some spots that the paint didn't cover up so well. Additionally, the paint that was on the walls when we moved in had a really strange texture to it. Probably one of those weird add in the paint deals, but it was weird and made any new paint obvious in the sheen and texture where there wasn't enough paint. You can kind of see the sheen issue above. Really they were things that only I would notice, but I figured giving most of the wall a fresh coat was the best idea.

Here we are as of right now, all dry...

You can still see a little change in the sheen/shine of the paint, but I think that's mostly the camera. It takes the to be standing at the exact right angle at the perfect time of the day to see it. That photo was taken in a corner of the room no one stands in... Overall it looks WAY better than it did, but that's sort of a no brainer when you're dealing with patched up nail holes.

I was actually hoping to be able to include hanging up the new prints for this wall into this post, but due to snow storms and schedule changes, I had to move some things around. I'm hoping that we can get everything hung tonight with what free time there is...

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