Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathroom Before & After.

Finally, here is my official before and after bathroom post. Well, really a before and an 'in progress' post, as I am never really done with things... We've been here almost four years and it was a big project for being first time home owners. It took us 3 years of off and on work (mostly off) and doing things in stages. Really, we had never done anything like it. In an ideal world, our home would have come complete with it's original bathroom, but alas it did not. I think we know that this isn't a forever home, it's tiny. While it might be fine for starting a family, more than one child might be really cramped. So, we went with what would probably be more appropriate on a resale level. Plugging too much of that wonderful 1950's originality would probably be too much for most people and lets face it, anything was better than the 90's update we were looking at. (So, I just settle for the small things at this point, like the cabinet knob.)

It has come a very long way and there are still a few small details to clean up but they are things that you can't really see in photographs. Some you can, which you can see on our bathtub... it needs to be repainted still.

Where is it from?
Vanity - Menard's
Tile - Home Depot
Towel Rods - Home Depot
Towels - Target
Jars - The Container Store
Shower Curtain, Curtain Rod, & Rings - Target
Owl Candle Holder & Glass Jar Candle - Target
Shelf Brackets - The Container Store
Light Fixture - Lowe's
Cabinet Knob - Rejuvenation
"S" - Michael's
Painting - DIY --> Found Here


  1. Do you have a link to your light fixture? I like it!

    1. It's actually from Lowe's, so it was wrong above... too many light fixtures from too many stores replaced. You can find it here. And I actually have an entire post about it here.