Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I think I found...

... the right curtain/drapery rods! Bam!

On a whim, I decided to check out Restoration Hardware online. It's at a mall close by and we take a stroll through every once in awhile and check out all of the neat stuffs. I showed the husband what they had and totally sold him... Luckily, they were about 20% off. We were up in the air for Antique Brass, Antique Silver and the Dakota Chestnut, but the Antique Brass won in the end. We thought it would work best with the brass accents found in a lot of Mid Century furniture and what we currently have.

Restoration Hardware | Classic Antique Brass Collection
We went with the larger diameter to hopefully help make a statement.

I can't wait until they get here. I plan on raising them up from where they currently sit and have the rod wider as well. I'm hoping the make the windows look a little bigger than they are, as they're nothing to write home about right now. I'm also hoping that I can get the trim switched out on those windows, so it's not so... well, ick.

And just as a reminder, this was where we were at when we moved in...

And where things sit now...

Hopefully it all comes together and looks fantastic...

Update: 3.13.2013
I've been sitting here for a week (not literally) trying to figure out why this hadn't shipped yet. I double checked my order confirmation... Expected delivery date mixed in there as on or before May 4, 2013. I guess it will be awhile before we get those up... Sad. I contacted them and they said that they were currently out of stock / on back order. I wish their site would have said that when I was ordering, I might have picked something else. Now my poor, little heart is set on them and I will accept nothing else. Maybe I'll get a pleasant surprise and they'll come early.

Update: 5.29.2013

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