Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mid Century Curtain / DraperyRods: Installed

Despite having an insanely busy Memorial Day weekend, we got a couple things done around the house! Yay!

Over the span of a couple days we got the new curtain rods from Restoration Hardware up. It only took a little more than forever to finally find something we liked, that was somewhat fitting for mid century style, and for BOTH to finally arrive at our house. They were on back order for about 2 months. The second one finally arrived the day before we left for vacation, so they got put on the back burner for awhile. Plus, with the possibility of new windows, I wasn't sure if I should wait or not with putting them up because I had planned to raise them a little higher than where they were before.

Well, they're up! And I think they look fantastic!

It was all a fairly easy process... but it wasn't without it's problems (as usual). I pulled down the old hardware. After holding up the new hardware, I figured that I could just use the same bottom hole and drill for the new top hole. Easy right?

Check out that paint all over the trim...

New windows will also equal new trim, so that will hopefully be replaced soon as well. And in the photo below you can see the other lovely non-painted wood I'm dealing with. It would be easily fixable, but like I said, it will hopefully be gone very soon.

Bill enlarging the original bottom hole.

Lurking beneath our dry wall is a fancy layer of plywood. At this point it's for sure in both bedrooms and the living room. One might think this would be nice to have... a little extra something for everything to grab on to. Right? Nope. The plywood makes using anchors extremely difficult and on one of the wall brackets, tightening it down all the way like you probably should made the bracket turn so it wasn't straight, making it not work. And we went through a lot of anchors.... I'm not really sure why but someone *cough* Bill *cough* was having some issues with smushing them while trying to "gently" tap them into the wall with a hammer...

But it's done! And they look great! I even fake hemmed the curtains with pins so they're not falling all over the place. I need to do a good wash and dry before I make it permanent first.

And just for your viewing pleasure, a before and after...

Much better.

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