Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Wrap Up

I can't believe it's May already... April zoomed by in the blink of an eye. This is the time of year where things are really busy for us -- birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers... The list could go on.

According to my instagram, I didn't get around to much... I finally finished painting the living room! That took forever... I still need to get the new curtain rods put up and with that will come patching and paint touch ups. We checked out an estate sale with a whole lot of original 1950's going on -- wood paneling, built ins, bathroom, kitchen. So wonderful... We checked out the Aziz Ansari show and had drinks and dinner downtown before the show. I discovered Dole's Pineapple Orange juice. Best. Juice. Ever. Spent some time in the Charlotte airport on a lay over to the wonderful Punta Cana. There are a few shots from our Dominican trip, but they were mostly off of our balcony because we only had internet in our room. And then we hit up the Charlotte airport on our way back and were finally reunited with our favorite little man, Behr the Corgi.

April's to do list...
  • Really finish painting the living room
  • Estimates/Quotes on work for the house
  • Bagster -- get rid of all of the 'garbage' (everything from our bathroom remodel that was too big to fit into the garbage can, etc). -- The bagster is rockin' our front yard, but we still have a couple things we need to get in there before we call and have them pick it up. We also have a friend who we're waiting to throw a bathroom sink in from their recent remodel. BTW, someone totally dug through it right away and took stuff... yuck.
  • Hang up new curtain rods, clean curtains, hem (living room). -- I finally got the second curtain rod the day we left for the Dominican Republic, so this hasn't not happened just yet, maybe this weekend...
  • Finish up my office closet -- storage containers, shredding, sorting, etc. -- I still need to find storage containers. I'm not really making this a priority, as I don't really want to spend the money on them. So, I'm waiting for a really good deal for something that will actually work with what I need.
And now May's to do list...

Hopefully this list can be added to this month because the weather is getting better. Although, it snowed a lot in parts of this area overnight. We luckily didn't get any, but my work got 8 inches and lost power... Go figure.
  • Really finish painting the living room
  • Estimates/Quotes on work for the house 
  • Wrap up Bagster and get it outta here.
  • Hang up new curtain rods, clean curtains, hem -- living room.
  • Keep looking for office closet storage containers
  • I have a new and exciting refinishing project
  • Make some decisions on the big house work and get it rollin'
  • If the weather cooperates, get working on sprucing up the yard after a ridiculously long winter.
I'm leaving off a lot of small things that I'm not quite ready to commit to or depend on how nice the weather is too me... Wish me luck.

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