Monday, May 20, 2013

Nasty, old carpet... GONE.

Today our Bagster is officially gone. It may have taken just over a month but the sudden fantastic weather pushed us to get it filled up and out of here. It's super easy to use and in the end, it's probably cheaper than to have our normal garbage company pick up all of the stuff we were trying to get rid of.

We bought the bag about a month and a half ago from Home Depot. Then we just started filling it up. We had lots of stuff left from projects we have already completed, like the big pieces of plywood with tile still on them from ripping up the bathroom floor. We also rolled up all the carpet that I'm guessing used to be in the living room and was just set on top of the concrete downstairs. It was definitely nasty...

Actually, this morning, I went down into the basement and it smells SO much better... Nasty carpet GONE.

We also had some old light fixtures and an abundance of weird up in the garage rafters from the previous owners.

Anyways, Waste Management was here bright and early this morning to pick up the Bagster. There were here for maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Easy. The only thing thing that actually took a minute, besides filling it up was requesting the pick up online. I just picked the date that the bag would be ready by. They give a three day window, I'm guessing in case they're crazy busy. Then you just pay and you're done.

We will definitely use the Bagster again if we need it. And now we get to address this...

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