Thursday, May 30, 2013

MCM Wall Candle Sconces

A few weeks ago, FindFurnish was having a warehouse sale. Bill and I went and checked it out. There are still a few things that we are looking for to finish off the living room and were hoping we would find something.

There were a couple of hutches of interest, but they were both too large for where we want to put one. But we did find some wall sconces that I may have been looking for on the internets... I actually spotted a pair through a seller of mid century goodies based on facebook for $25. The ones at FindFurnish were marked as $30. I figured it was worth the extra $5 because I wouldn't have to drive far away to pick the other ones up. Then I found out everything was on sale. And we got an amazing price on them. Win!

So, for a couple of weeks, they've been sitting in the living room, waiting to be hung. It was one of those situations again where I was waiting to get the new curtain rods hung and I was sort of putting that off because of the possibility of new windows. After the new curtain rods went up, I knew I would be fine putting them up now.

And there they now hang. I still need to pick up candles which I think might help liven them up a little.  

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