Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach & Pool at Paradisus : Punta Cana

The beach at our resort, Paradisus, in Punta Cana was by far the best beach we have ever had the pleasure of enjoying while on vacation. While it really may not look like much, I think that might be the key.

Growing up, I spent a ton of time swimming in the good ole Lake Minnetonka... As I grew up there was a lot less playing in the water with my imagination and more just relaxing either on floating rafts, in a canoe, or a friend's boat. Being on shore lost its edge over time and until this trip, never really spent more than 5 minutes in the water along the shore in the past 10+ years.

Here the sand was perfect. The water was a bit cold at first, until you make the full body plunge. The waves were fantastic. Bill and I haven't spend much time at all actually in water during our relationship, but I think he would have played in the waves for hours if allowed to. The shore was shallow very far out and the waves ranged from fairly small to fairly large, at least to those of us used to lakes. We both had a great time jumping through the waves and trying not to get rolled under by the big ones.

Even just laying out was great. It was usually fairly quiet even though there were a lot of people. We quickly figured out when we needed to be out to get chairs. I got some reading done and really enjoyed the nice, warm sun which had been absent in our extra, super long winter.

The pool was nice too, but it was always busy. It was harder to find chairs, but it did have the swim up bar and a 'burger stand'. There was also usually a fairly entertaining group of people playing volleyball in the water at the one end as well.

Going through our photos and editing the few here, I want to go back already. Vacations are usually very love hate for me because I like the comforts of my home so much, I hate being away. At the same time, this place was so fantastic that I felt that less than usual.

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