Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paradisus : Punta Cana

While we were in the Dominican Republic, we stayed at Paradisus, an all inclusive resort. It is probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest places, I have ever stayed.

The Lobby:

These were all actually taken when we were leaving. I was a little too excited when we got there ... This main building had all of the general things: concierge, the photo desk, bar, business center, theater, etc. While it does get very hot there, it does not really get too hot. A lot of the resorts more public spaces are open buildings like this.

Our Room, Balcony, & View:

The jacuzzi tub on the balcony was actually a room upgrade. We usually don't get the cheapest room just because even one step up for a little bit more money can be totally worth it. The room upgrade here guaranteed the jacuzzi, automatically putting us on the second floor. I think that our upgrade also made the room bigger and gave us the couch. I should have take a photo of the bathroom but I did the in the room ones right away so Bill didn't have a chance to mess it up... which he totally did in the bathroom. The sink area had a closet with drawers and whatnot, so he immediately started unpacking.

If I was not so adamant about exploring more of the world, I would definitely go back and maybe even splurge for an even better room. Heck, like I said before, I'm about ready to sell the house, quite my job, and move down there.

More to come...

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