Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Prepped and Ready to Rock

For possibly the first time in my entire life, I was prepared for Mother's Day an ENTIRE WEEK before the day. That is a record people!

I had remembered some cute little bird houses at Crate & Barrel at a reasonable price for buying multiples. We searched that store high and low before tracking down one of their fantastic employees, because that store was crazy busy. Sadly they were out. In store only for sale, being phased out. No go.  They had another very cute option, but at $49.95 on sale I wasn't feeling a purchase of multiples. We love the moms but I'm not really sure I would even spend that much on a bird house for myself...

We then made our way to Target, probably because we needed milk.... seriously we go through SO much milk and their are only two of us. I wonder what will happen when we create another milk loving being... I figured since Target is all garden and patio season right now, it might be worth checking to see if they had anything of interest. Low and behold, they had three of these bad boys for $9.99.

Yes, I purchased all three. I needed one too...

I then proceeded to buy 200 greeting cards as well. Ok, I really purchased seven. Five for mother's day -- a mom, a stepmom, two grandmas, and one step grandma -- and two birthday cards for the week after. Really I should have purchased more cards at the time -- like one mother's day card for my sister (who is currently brewing a bundle of joy in her belly), an anniversary card for Bill, and a birthday card for his birthday next week. Then I also have a bachelorette party and a wedding and a.... seriously, it's greeting card season. I should buy stock.

I just wanted to share, because if you're stuck as to what to get your mom, I think it's a great option. If she hates birds and doesn't believe in outdoors, the bird house route probably won't work though. I'm also super proud that I will not be scrambling like a crazy lady about what to do the day before.

I should start planning father's day while I'm at it...!

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