Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great "Mid Century" Links / Resources

For many reason (aren't there always many), I have not been getting a whole lot done lately in terms of house updates. There has been a lot of cleaning and general maintenance. There have actually been a few nice days here and there between all the rain showers we've been getting almost daily, so they've been devoted to things like changing the oil in the car, cleaning up the dreaded dog poo (super yuck), and cleaning up leaves and plant stuffs.

Acurio Latticeworks | Mid Century Style Lattice
There are all sorts of funky designs, but the Geometric--Moorish Circle design is my favorite. We've been mulling over adding lattice to the bottom of our deck for a few years now to keep the dog from going under there and to cover up the ugly below. This has now definitely become an option.

Therma-Tru Doors | Pulse Line
Hopefully we will be getting some major work done on the house in the near future, so I've been trying to find a new front door option that won't break the bank. While I love the Crestview doors, they are wood (which I would automatically paint) and they're not energy star certified for our Minnesota winters. The Therma-Tru doors are and there is actually a decent Federal Tax Credit available this year. Check out the Retro Renovation post on them if you're interested.

Box Design USA Mailboxes
These mailboxes are awesome. We're in a neighborhood with the mailboxes on the side of the house. Sadly our original slot on the house has long since been covered and replaced with your typical hardware store mailbox. I don't think these are for our house because they are a little bit too modern, but I still think they're awesome.

House of Antique Hardware | Solid Steel Mid-Century Style Floor Register
When we get to the point of swapping out our very beat up registers, this place is definitely on my list of options. I like that simplicity and the finish options.

Rejuvenation | Mid-Century Modern Hardware
I've blogged about this company before, I test bought a knob with star backplate that I used in the bathroom. So far, I still love the knob and plan on doing some shopping there for some other projects. Some of my favorite things though are their house numbers and especially the outdoor door knob hardware. They have star backplates, as well as an awesome ornate one.

Hip Haven
Hip Haven is a great option for the bullet planters that are usually hard to find and fairly pricey. These are priced well and come in a wide range of colors. The also sell a great screen door insert, lots of funky lights, and a few other things.

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