Monday, March 4, 2013

February Wrap Up

February flew right by as much of time tends to do as you get older. I thought it might be a decent idea to wrap up each month as a way to see where I am at with everything and where it should all go.

The most popular post of February was the one on curtain / drapery rods. After that post, I talked with the husband and showed him what I found. We were both leaning towards the BCL Drapery Antique Gold Metal Double Curtain Rod. We did have a chance to go over to West Elm and Lowe's to check things out. Lowe's didn't have the antique gold in stock, but they had a few other colors and we were not impressed. In real life, they looked very plasticy, which is not what I want. The options at West Elm were pretty much what they're photos show. The Oversized Metal Rod was definitely MUCH larger/bulkier than I expected. I'm not really sold on any of them, so I think I will just have to keep searching. I feel like I'm no further than when I started and that most of my "research" just brings me in circles. It will come, I guess.

In terms of getting the living room put together so it actually looks somewhat presentable... I have about half of my 3 light gray walls painted. Now that we finally have the old couch out of the way, I can get to the other half. This would probably be done by now if I hadn't gotten so sick during the end of February. My goal is to get the black wall fixed up by the end of this week and our fantastic Etsy prints hung up (finally).

Here is my month in Instagram photos...

Let's see... we got our Etsy prints. Bill found what I call "Koala Yummies," I ate them. Yum. Bill played some video games and I took lots of photos of the dog, which is very normal for any month. Enjoyed some red bull, admired the Martha Stewart mirror in the living room. A Thrive box occupied my living room for a week or two. Valentine's day happened and I enjoyed some Godiva Truffles and roses. And last, but not least, the Eames Foundation print arrived! Nothing too crazy...

Things I would like to get done in March...
  • Finish painting the living room
  • Get the furniture on the main floor back to where it should be 
  • Nail down a plan for the basement -- family room
  • Get some small projects crossed off the To Do list
  • Explore this whole curtain/drapery rod deal
And now to work on all of that... really that list isn't that bad so it should be do-able.

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